Logistics and Supply Chain

PUPS®  is a viable and cost effective solution for a variety of logistics, distribution and supply chain issues.

Seasonal and temporary storage.

Temporary storage requirements can be planned for such as winter, summer and holiday seasons, however, others are very unpredictable, such as poor weather conditions, lack of space, and construction delays. PUPS®  storage options offer solutions for the needs of businesses requiring any form of temporary storage with the ability to respond and act quickly.

Inventory challenges.

Portable storage PUPS®  provide a host of businesses with temporary inventory management solutions. Whatever your business has too much of, PUPS® offers convenient storage that helps businesses store and balance inventories without large upfront capital investments.

Reduction in transportation costs.

PUPS® onsite storage eliminates the need to travel to a warehouse or mini-storage facility. And, there is no need to unload a delivery truck as soon as it arrives. Using PUPS® you can leave items in the container until you're ready to unload, or move--at your convenience.