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Real Estate & Realtors

PUPS™ assists realtors to sell homes faster, for more money

Home staging and de-cluttering.

As you know a clutter-free, clean, and spacious interior allow potential buyers to see a home, not what's in it. PUPS® on-site and warehouse storage options offer a convenient solution for staging and de-cluttering your clients home so they present well and sell quicker.

Temporary and emergency storage needs.

PUPS® is a simple solution when closings get delayed, a new home isn't ready to be occupied, or when renovations are needed before new owners move in. PUPS® offers realtors' clients convenient and affordable storage until they can settle into their new home.

PUPS® containers discount coupon is a thoughtful thank you gift.

Thank your clients for their business with a $10.00 discount on a PUPS® container. The offer of a personalized $10.00 discount coupon on PUPS™ storage provides a value-added service and differentiator for a realtor. What's ever better, the discount costs you nothing.


For a more details on how to obtain PUPS™ discount coupons call a PUPS™ service representative in your location.