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Portable Storage FAQs

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How can I order a PUPS™ container?

Select the "Location" option on the home page of the PUPS™ website for contact information about the Sales and Service Center in your city and have your PUPS™ container delivered to your home or place of business.

What will it cost?

PUPS™ pricing is based upon delivery charges, size of the PUPS™ container you require, and length of time you require storage. PUPS™ offers free quotations that are valid for 7 days.

How much clearance do I need to place a PUPS™ container at my house, apartment or place of business?

In order to place a PUPS™ container on your property we need a clearance of 10 feet in width and 20 feet in height with no steep inclines, low branches or wires.

Multiple containers: For 2 PUPS™ containers placed side by side we need 20 feet in width and 15 feet in height.

Parking lots: Shared parking areas require 2 consecutive parking spaces for delivery and pickup.

What are your containers made from?

PUPS™ containers are of steel frame construction with galvanized metal walls and wood plank floors. The bottom of the floor of a PUPS™ container sits approximated 2.5 inches above the ground. Engineered double-winged doors provide extra width for easier loading.

How fast can I get a PUPS™ container?

You can often get a PUPS™ container the next day depending on availability. Our schedules can fill up quickly. We recommend that you order, reserve or schedule your PUPS™ container as soon as possible. Even if you are unsure of the exact date you will need a PUP™ we recommend that you make a reservation to ensure that one is available.

How is a PUPS™ container moved?

A PUPS™ flat deck delivery truck is equipped with a hydraulic lift system designed specifically to lift PUPS™ containers in order to reduce shifting of your contents. It securely transports the PUPS™ container to and from your location.

Will a PUPS™ delivery damage my driveway?

PUPS™ uses a hydraulic lift system, specifically designed to position the container safely on your driveway or any other flat surface. It securely transports it to and from your driveway to our secure warehouses. PUPS™ recommends a paved surface with appropriate clearances. For new driveways check with your builder or developer before scheduling placement.

How long will it take for my PUPS™ container to be delivered to my new location?

PUPS™ delivery time depends on a variety of factors, which include availability of delivery vehicles and the distance to the delivery location.We are confident that PUPS™ scheduling provides the flexibility to meet your moving needs.

I don't know yet where I'm moving. How can PUPS™ help me?

PUPS™ is the ideal solution to pack and unpack your belongings only one time and store them in our secure warehouses when needed. Using traditional self storage you will pack and unpack your possessions several times when moving and storing them. We like to say "think twice, load once".

What is special about a PUPS™ warehouse?

All PUPS™ warehouses must meet corporate guidelines to assure the secure storage of your container. They are secure, heated, and dry facilities that accommodate the storage of individual PUPS™ containers. We also offer our customers the option to purchase content insurance protection for goods stored at our locations.

What if I need to access my contents while they're in storage?

You can schedule access to your PUPS™ container by contacting our customer service department in your location. Access is available to our warehouse locations typically within 2 to 4 hours, 6 days per week. There is no additional charge for this service.

What size unit do I need?

PUPS™ containers are offered in five sizes as shown in the chart below. You would be surprised how much you can actually pack into even the smallest container.





Weight lbs

Cubic Ft.


























Our PUPS™ containers are designed to hold large items like sofas, stoves and refrigerators. In general, allow 200 cubic feet of loading space for each room of your house. You will want to allow extra room for bulky pieces of furniture. Remember to include outdoor furniture and large appliances.

Although the chart below shows residential spaces, commercial and industrial customers can use the last two columns to estimate the container size and number of containers needed to store goods and/or equipment.


Bedrooms in
Your Home


Size of
Your Home

Linear Ft

Cubic Ft.
of Loading

Less than
1 Room


Less than
500 sq ft



Studio Apt


600 sq ft



1 Bedroom


800 sq ft



1-2 Bedrooms


1200 sq ft



2-3 Bedrooms


sq ft



3 Bedrooms


1500 - 1800
sq ft



3+ Bedrooms


sq ft



4 Bedrooms


More than
2000 sq ft



4+ Bedrooms


More than
3000 sq ft


3024 - 4032


Are PUPS™ containers water-proof?

PUPS™ containers are weather-resistant. The construction has been designed to withstand 120 kph winds when partially filled.

Do you pick-up and deliver PUPS™ on weekends?

PUPS™ franchises operate some locations 6 days per week. We recognize the need to offer our customers loading and unloading flexibility and we do not limit the time the PUPS™ container can stay on your property. Municipal by-laws may be applicable.

How long do I have to load or unload the PUPS™ container?

PUPS™ allows you to pack your PUPS™ container at your leisure. There are no deadlines or time pressures, you load when you are ready.

Are there any hidden charges?

No, PUPS™ quotations include all taxes and applicable storage and delivery charges. Packing supplies, locks, and a content insurance are available upon request. In some cases where it would be difficult to place the PUPS™ container, additional charges are possible. Check with our customer service agents for details.

How is PUPS™ different from other moving and storage options?

PUPS™ brings the container to you. You load and unload at ground level and at your own pace. PUPS™ innovative design keeps the contents level as the container is gently lifted and securely placed onto the delivery truck. No strenuous lifting putting your possessions into a truck or trailer. PUPS™ hydraulic lift system simply and securely raises the PUPS™ container with your belongings onto the PUPS™ truck. If needed, we store the container in one of our secure warehouses.

Do I have to be there when the PUPS™ container is dropped-off or picked-up?

No, although we prefer that someone be present if possible. Our deliveries and pick-ups generally occur at any time after 8:00 am local time. The customer is responsible for ensuring that there is adequate clearance and accessibility for the desired location of the PUPS™ container.

Are there any restrictions for using PUPS™?

PUPS™ are permitted at most locations. There may be neighborhood or city regulations that affect the use of PUPS™ containers. Street placement of containers vary by location. Check with your local zoning officials, home-owner's association, or customer care representatives in your area.

What are PUPS™ warehouse hours?

In most locations, PUPS™ warehouse hours are between 8 am to 4 pm, 6 days per week.

Will PUPS™ load the container for me?

PUPS™ has established business partners we can recommend for packing, loading, or unloading in each of our locations. Our flexible scheduling allows for adequate time to load the PUPS™ container at your leisure.

I need more than one PUPS™ container but there is not enough room in front of my home/office. Can you stagger the delivery times of additional containers?

Yes. Our scheduling is flexible. The delivery and pick-up days for convenient loading and unloading is not a problem. PUPS™ containers can be delivered and picked-up based upon the day of your moving requirement, schedule permitting.

Are there any winter placement restrictions?

Generally, a PUPS™ container can be located on any flat surface regardless of light snow or ice on your property. For our driver to be able to deliver or pick up the PUPS™ container, we recommend that snow be cleared around the container and leading up to it.